What is Level Method?

Exciting News from Movement Academy: Introducing the Level Method Program!


Embark on a transformative journey with our latest program, Level Method! To kickstart your experience, one of our skilled trainers will guide you through the assessment phase. Once you’ve conquered all the assessments, simply input your data into the Level Method app. Your hard work will pay off as you receive your personalized overall level, visible on the Chalk It Pro app!


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Chris Casper explaining Level Method
Rob Kuhlman owner of Movement Academy


Rob is the owner of Movement Academy and trains people! Now, he’s one of the trainers for Level Method! His energetic, upbeat personality will keep you engaged during your workout!


Chris Casper, we love him and you will too! He’s funny, engaging and incredibly encouraging always pushing you to your limits! He believes in your goals and will push you towards them!


If you haven’t met Paul, you’ve probably heard him laugh! He’s recently joined Movement Academy! We’re excited to have him aboard!