Testimonial Interview with Courtney

Paul: Describe your transformation journey. What was your mindset before starting personal training? How did you view exercise and how did your personal trainer change your thoughts?

Courtney: It was very difficult, and I had a lot of anxiety prior to working out with Chris. My thoughts for working out included, “O, I’ll be on the machines, running or walking and then doing some machines.” I was at Movement Academy five months before starting personal training with Chris Casper. When Chris started at Movement Academy, I was one of his first clients.

Paul: Are there any specific changes you noticed while working with your personal trainer? Did you notice a change in energy levels or overall well-being?

Courtney: When I started with Chris, I could run for 20 seconds and now I can run over a mile without stopping. Starting personal training with Chris was new and very taxing on my body. It’s hard to describe how transformative it has been working out at Movement Academy and having Chris as my trainer.

Paul: How did your trainer collaborate with you to achieve your specific goals? How did they keep you motivated throughout the workout?

Courtney: I had specific goals when I started where more weight based – weight loss. I wasn’t focused more on gaining strength, but Chris met me in the middle and helped me focus on gaining strength while losing weight. He helped me shift my mindset to more concrete and measurable goals. Now, I chase PRs in back squats and miles on the treadmill.

Paul: How did your trainer help you stay consistent with training? Were there any instances that had your trainer go above and beyond to ensure your success?

Chris: The biggest thing Chris offered me was accountability. If I don’t go, he’s there and he knows I’m not there so he generally would reach out and ask, “are you ok?” Movement Academy has an overall supportive environment where if I miss a class, Nicole will comment, “I missed you.” It’s not only Chris but the overall environment that has contributed to my success. Even if he’s gone the staff are overall friendly and encouraging me in my fitness journey.

Paul: “How likely would you recommend Movement Academy and your trainer to friends?” Why would you recommend your personal trainer to others?

Courtney: I’ve recommended my personal trainer to my family and have gotten my father into the gym. Chris is a very approachable person; he looks like a personal trainer and is relatable. He’s a warm and accepting individual that has encouraged me to continue my fitness journey. Over the last two years we’ve gotten to know each other better and he’s helped me solidify my healthy habits.

At Movement Academy we’re having our personal trainers approach clients and ask if they’re interested in giving testimonials. If this is something you’d be interested in doing, please reach out to me (Paul) or talk with your personal trainer. My email address is: [email protected]

Before and after photos posted with her permission.