Couple’s Workout

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, the day when people go all out for their significant other, forget about the day entirely, or elect not to participate. While chocolate, roses, and candlelight dinners are nice (I wouldn’t know), what has a greater impact on your life? The answer is physical fitness!

Our gift to you this month is a couple’s workout! It’s not in the budget to get everyone chocolate, roses, and candlelight dinners. Sorry.

Workout Routine:

  1. Run and Affirm: While running next to each other for five minutes, take turns telling your partner one thing you like about them each minute.
  2. Plank and Clap: Once you’ve completed the running with words of affirmation, assume a plank position facing each other. Plank and clap each other’s hands (their right claps your left, and then alternate). Do this for 3 sets, working up to 2 minutes per set.
  3. Step-up Together: Grab a box and do step-ups together, facing each other. Repeat 3 sets for 15 reps. Hold onto dumbbells to make it more challenging and fun!
  4. Row and Reflect: While rowing next to each other for five minutes, talk about what you wanted to be when growing up!
  5. Bench Press: Spot one another on the bench press, either using dumbbells or the barbell. Aim for 3 sets of 12-15 reps.
  6. Russian Twist with a Twist: Grab a mat, sit next to each other, but maintain enough distance to complete a Russian twist. Pass the weight to your partner while they twist away from you and back towards you. Stay in that position until you get the weight. You can use a medicine ball for this exercise.
  7. Friendly Bike Race: Finally, have a friendly race on the bike. Whoever can go the longest has to pay for the chocolates, roses, and candlelight dinners!

Make this Valentine’s Day special by investing in your health and connection with a fun and active workout together. Happy Valentine’s Day!