Brandy’s Testimonial

Paul: Describe your fitness journey. What was your mindset before starting personal training? How did you view exercise and how did your personal trainer change your thoughts?

Brandy: Before I started personal training, I would try to work out, but I wouldn’t hold myself accountable. Having someone to give me the extra push, to hold me accountable, show me what to do in the gym and help me push past PR’s. Johnny helped me feel welcome in the gym and helped me feel confident in performing specific movement patterns.

Paul: Are there any specific changes you noticed while working with your personal trainer? Did you notice a change in energy levels or overall well-being?

Brandy: My confidence since starting with Johnny has been up, I feel overall better about myself and I feel stronger.

Paul: How did your trainer collaborate with you to achieve your specific goals? How did they keep you motivated throughout the workout?

Brandy: Johnny noticed my strengths and weaknesses and targeted what needed to be worked on. He doesn’t let me give up and keeps encouraging me to try my best. During the workout he keeps the energy level high and hypes me up throughout the entire workout, being positive and making it fun.

Paul: How did your trainer help you stay consistent with training? Were there any instances that had your trainer go above and beyond to ensure your success?

Brandy: Johnny helps me stay consistent with training by showing up and working around my schedule. He has a plan for each day when I come to training and my motivation has shifted from needing to come to wanting to come workout. Outside of Johnny being a good trainer, he’s a good friend and he is there to help me both in the gym and out of it. 

Paul: How likely would you recommend Movement Academy and your trainer to friends? Why would you recommend your personal trainer to others? What sets your trainer apart from others at the gym?

Brandy: I’m very likely to recommend Movement Academy to friends. The overall atmosphere is welcoming, and the location is great, it being in the Haymarket and the environment is like a community which is unique. Johnny knows what he is doing, approaches training holistically, targeting weakness, and building up my strengths.