Importance of Self-Care

While self-care is a personal concept, dedicating time to regular exercise stands out as a fundamental practice. Extensive research suggests that exercise can surpass prescribed drugs in its impact on individuals dealing with major depressive disorders.

According to Dr. Ben Singh, physical activity is 1.5 times more effective at reducing mild-moderate symptoms of depression, psychological stress, and anxiety compared to traditional interventions like medication or cognitive behavior therapy. This insight stems from an in-depth analysis of 100 meta-review studies, incorporating randomized controlled trials. The consensus is that all forms of exercise offer benefits, with high-intensity workouts proving most effective.

Delving into the biological and physiological processes during exercise sheds light on its numerous benefits, including the release of endorphins, dopamine, and neurotransmitters. The thermogenic hypothesis further explains how the rise in body temperature during exercise reduces muscular tension and alters neuronal activity, leading to a reduction in anxiety. Exercise also plays a role in reducing inflammation. Be it yoga, weightlifting, or a brisk walk, engaging in physical activity has been proven to significantly alleviate mood-related disorders more effectively than prescribed medications.

When combined with proper nutrition and sufficient sleep, a well-rounded self-care routine can result in noticeable increases in energy levels and positive changes in body composition. Moreover, investing time in self-improvement often brings positive attention from others – who doesn’t appreciate compliments?

Effective self-care routines should enhance your well-being without consuming excessive time. It’s crucial to establish a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based routine. In a world where watching one Netflix episode easily turns into five or six, planning time for beneficial activities becomes essential.

Enter Level Method, Movement Academy’s innovative program designed to simplify the process of creating a S.M.A.R.T goal that evolves into a routine. Upon signing up, our experienced trainers (Rob, Chris, or Paul) will guide you through a comprehensive assessment phase, determining your max effort across various lifts. Once this phase is complete, you’ll gain access to the Chalk It Pro app for use during Level Method sessions.

During workouts, a dedicated trainer will not only guide you through the routine but also hold you accountable and provide valuable feedback on form and technique. Even if you can’t attend a class, the flexibility of completing the workout at your convenience ensures you stay on track.

Questions about Level Method? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Rob, Chris, or Paul to explore further. Let us assist you in not just establishing but fully embracing a transformative self-care routine!